Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Lucy Evangelista Part 2

Continuing from my last post about Lucy Evangelista I'll show some images from my personal work with Lucy.

I recently moved studio from Lurgan to Belfast, this makes a difference to my time away from family and for business. Lucy was the first model I shot in the studio and this was the first time we shot outside our work. Lucy wanted to do natural light shots (no flash or other photographic lighting) and with the new studio having huge windows that just let the light fall in I was happy to oblige.

The image below was one of the first, with Lucy sitting we just photographed some natural portrait type images. Lucy has a fantastic natural look and its hard to take a bad image. Shot with a 70-200mm, the new studio is long enough to allow me to use such lenses. I kept the cool tone to this image for no other reason than I liked it.

With this image I put Lucy on the wall between the two windows then used a reflector to bounce some light back in to her eyes. Just some RAW processing was used for editing.

The image below was shot against a white breeze-block wall. The wall itself acting as a reflector. I used a 50mm lens for this shot wide open at f1.8. As the day progressed I had to up the ISO to 1600, with today's cameras (Canon 7D in this case) those values are more than do-able. This is one of my favourite shots of Lucy on the day and very little editing was needed.

This is one of the last shots of the day. Using a plastic board I had Lucy lie on her arms to create this reflection shot. ISO moved up to 2000 and by then end of the day 2500, still shooting at f1.8.

Lucy is one of the those models that you could photograph all day. The camera loves her, you just can't go wrong. There is minimal editing to them (Lucy wouldn't let me anyway) and when working with a lot of models that is time saved when you need little post production.

For more information on Lucy you can visit her site at http://www.lucyevangelista.com/

I've more blog posts coming soon, I have an interesting 2011 ahead....


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