Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LRPS Success Part 2

Continuing on from yesterdays post (not quick enough for some people :))

The second part of the panel was a bit more bridal than the first five images.

The next image was taken during a shoot for a Deborah K.

This image too was taken during a (different) Deborah K shoot. More of a fun shot than the others in the panel.

This is the last one on the panel from the Enchantment shoot. There were so many images from that shoot that could have been put in the panel, in fact I could say I could have easily done a panel on that shoot.

This is the last one from the Deborah K shoots, taken at the same shoot as number 6. I have a few variations of this one as you can see at the top of this blog.

The last shot is from a bridal shoot a few years ago. I just love this image.

The panel layout as the judges would have seen it is shown below. With the LRPS you can be more loose how your panel looks, but this benefit does not extend to the ARPS and FRPS panels. I have already thought about the ARPS, but thats a while ahead yet.

You can view the whole panel better HERE

Thanks for the models (Julie Doherty @ Style Academy, Amanda Capote Miles, Jacqueline Kernaghan, Caroline Reid @ Style Academy, Ruth Jackson, Beccy Milne, Catherine McAteer (3 times!!), Christina Mclean and Britney Lee Banks.)

Also thanks to the MUA, hair and stylists I've worked with on these images.

Oh and for Paul Crawford for keeping me on track with the panel.


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