Friday, September 30, 2011

Peter and Laura

At the start of the year I photographed the wedding of a friend. I knew Peter from my university days (a long time ago). To do a wedding of a friend or family is easier in some ways, in that you know them, but harder in others, if it goes wrong you lose a friend.

Peter and Laura got married at Lisburn Cathedral, it was the first time I was ever there for a wedding. It's off the street behind a lot of shops and buildings, so yes I drove past it once or twice :)

The Reverend was nice enough to let me stand behind him to get shots during the service. These extra images really help in an album.

After the service I took a few images in front of this great stained window, with the rain outside using the service location is a necessity.

The reception was in the Old Inn, Crawfordsburn. As it was raining we had to do all the images inside. A wet wedding really pushes you as a photographer to get great images for the bride and groom.
A great portrait of the bride is always important. In the following shots I just used the light coming from the  window in the bridal suite.

The groom also has to play his part.

The light was just nicely falling on Laura and I just asked her to look out the window with a thoughtful look. 

We got some really nice images on the day and Peter and Laura are still my friends.


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