Friday, November 11, 2011


Before she headed off to America to study I got a shoot in with Sophie, a cousin of Julie from my Enchantment shoot last year. Sometimes I just shoot to try lighting and posing ideas, Sophie was a willing model for this.

The light I used was just a Maxi Reflector and a softbox, I had never used Maxi Reflector before and sessions like this allow me to test lighting in less stressful situations.

The light was up high and to my left. The softbox when used was to my right and a bit lower. No lighting was on the background, this allows it to go to the grey as seen.

Letting the model free with their own ideas and poses allows you to play around a little bit more. I can focus on lighting and camera settings and the model can look after themselves with clothing and posing. In the above photo Sophie put on the American flag dress, it went down as a great Facebook profile photo when she was in the USA.

Sophie was great fun and a great poser which helps immensely when creating images, even just test images. Hopefully when Sophie makes her way back she will come back to the studio for more photos. :)


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