Friday, February 24, 2012

The night sky

With wedding season approaching my time for fun and personal projects is going to get smaller. I recently joined the Irish Astronomical Association to give myself a hobby outside photography. Aside from the lectures on Astronomy there are monthly outings with the telescopes, of course I just wanted to bring my camera to get some images of the night sky. So maybe not so much of a break from photography after all.

Here are some of the images taken over the last few weeks.

Shooting south, Orion and his belt, with the Pleiades on the top right. This is also looking into the Milky Way though the images cannot show it. This photo by someone else does though.

Again shooting south/south west. The clouds make the image a bit more alive.

This image is shooting North. Nothing stands out as much to me other than the tree which I put in the frame.

Before the summer nights come back it might be nice to look up and see what you can find.


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