Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heidi at Drenagh

My first fashion shoot of the year was in February. Our model was Heidi from Finland (she lives here she didn't fly in just for us). I thought she would be used to the cold but alas it was not the case. The location was Drenagh, a location found by the stylist Jenny Taggart. Hair was done by the wonderful Olivia Muldoon who I have worked with on previous shoots.

The days being short in February as well as cold does not give you much outdoor time. There was so much we could not get done at Drenagh this time round.

You can see how amazing the building is from these images.

We got this image around the back of Drenagh. The low sun is coming through the trees giving a low contrast but warm image as the light hits the lens.

The inside of the house has fantastic options but we just ran out of time. There this fantasic staircase, amazing bedrooms and authentic vintage feel around the whole place. 

I would love to get back when the weather is better to get more images in a wonderful location..


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