Monday, June 18, 2012

Katie on the beach

In May Katie Larmour who I have worked with a lot over the years asked me to help her with some images for a project she was working on. The project was namely bikinis. While the thought of shooting on  a beach in Spain or somewhere warm sounds amazing, NI does not have that same effect on a photographer.

We used a beach just outside Holywood and thankfully after two days of heavy rain we got a break, and a decent break it was. When we arrived we did have an army of school children around but they were a good bit up the beach. A few mothers with prams did show some interest, but we made big friend in the form of beach litter pickup guy, I really think we made his day.

With the sun coming in and out I shot some with reflectors and some with the Quantum for fill. We also got a decent sky for some interest. Not a blue sky but better than white.

We got some great images but these are three of the ones Katie used for her project.


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