Sunday, September 02, 2012

I'm late... I normally am to new social media trends.

What I mean is by the time I get to them they are no longer "new".

For example Facebook I joined (according to Facebook) 6th March 2009, 4 years after Facebook started and with basically everyone I knew at the time, there, waiting. It took me another few years to start my photography page after someone (Caroline) said I should have one and she would be my first like (fan).

Twitter was another good example, I created an account logged in and logged out, done that for about a 2 years before I started using it, but still not a tweetaholic. It gets a feed from my FB photography page so every now and again it looks like someone is home :)

So what's this post all about? My new find, that was there and I once again passed over but I really love now I am using it, INSTAGRAM. As a photographer it should really have been looked at so much more closely but like all the social media mentioned above it took me a while to give it a go.

Instagram allows to to take photos on your phone/tablet (iPhone/iPad/Android) add a few effects and share on Instragram, Facebook, twitter and a few other social streams. Perfect for my kind of work, behind the scenes of weddings, photoshoots and sometimes home life too. Some shots I've taken recently:

The car, with sunlight coming from front.

Cabra Castle.



These are as shot with just Instagram filters added. Its quite fun and you can follow some amazing people photographing everything they do just like me but more so.

My instagram is "brendangallagherphoto", my twitter "@bpgallagher" and facebook ""


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